What’s on at Hampton Court Palace

By Nick Taimitarha

Easter at Hampton Court Palace? It is a spectacle of colour and a hive of activity at Hampton Court Palace during the spring / summer season. Turks daily river trips run from Kingston and Richmond to Hampton Court Palace entrance.

What’s on along the River Thames

By Jacqui Taimitarha

The stretch of river Thames between Richmond, Kingston and Hampton Court is quite extraordinary. With its Turnesque views and royal history blended with charming cosmopolitan riversides, there is plenty to see, explore and enjoy. Whether you want a  weekend, or have family or friends coming to stay and need to entertain them!

A Day Out at Hampton Court Palace

By Jacqui Taimitarha

If there is one interesting day out to be had along the Surrey riverside, it is to explore Hampton Court Palace. Not only can you take time out to explore the historic and majestic splendours of the Tudor reign, you can arrive by boat which adds to the day’s enjoyment.

Picnic along the River Thames

By Jacqui Taimitarha

We can’t rely on the sun to be out all the time, but when it does shine there’s nothing better than a picnic. It can be one of the most cost effective and fun ways to entertain friends, family and the kids. Just pack all your favourite goodies into your cool bag or hamper and…

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