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Boat Trips to Twickenham  

Twickenham, nestled on the southern bank of the River Thames, is a captivating area in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Renowned for its scenic beauty and serene ambiance, Twickenham provides an idyllic backdrop for boat trips and exploration.  
At Turks Boat Tours, we extend a warm invitation to join us on our boats and uncover the enchanting charming town of Twickenham. With its historic landmarks and lush green spaces, Twickenham promises an unforgettable experience as you glide along the river, soaking in the mesmerizing views and immersing yourself in the rich history of this delightful location.  
Don't miss the chance to embark on a memorable journey with us and discover the hidden gems that this fun town has to offer! 

What to See and Do in Twickenham  

Once you've enjoyed your boat trip to Twickenham, there's so much to explore in this historic town. 
Take a leisurely walk through its charming streets, where you'll find a variety of independent shops offering unique treasures and local delights. 
Art enthusiasts will be delighted by the town's captivating art museums, showcasing inspiring exhibits that celebrate creativity and culture. 
And for the music lovers, Twickenham's musical heritage provides a vibrant backdrop to your visit, with the possibility of catching live performances at local venues. 

Twickenham Rugby Stadium 

Watching rugby at Twickenham Stadium is an exhilarating experience, made even more memorable by arriving via a delightful boat trip. 
As the home of the Rugby Football Union, Twickenham draws hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic spectators each year. 
After enjoying a scenic journey along the river, you'll arrive at the historic riverside area, where a charming network of 18th-century buildings and pleasure grounds awaits. 
Whether you're a rugby fan or just looking for a unique way to enjoy a match, combining a boat trip with a visit to Twickenham Stadium is an unforgettable adventure. 

Marble Hill House 

Embark on a wonderful boat trip to Marble Hill House in Twickenham, a captivating journey that blends history and natural beauty. 
As you glide along the serene River Thames, you'll approach the picturesque Marble Hill House, an elegant 18th-century villa with stunning views of the river and surrounding parkland. 
Step ashore and explore the graceful interiors of the house, reflecting the grandeur of its time.  
A boat trip to Marble Hill House offers a unique opportunity to discover the rich history and enchanting charm of this historic gem. 

Orleans House  

Enhance your visit to Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham with a delightful boat trip along the scenic River Thames. 
Step ashore and explore the thought-provoking exhibitions within, surrounded by the beauty of woodlands and gardens that add to the experience. 
Families and young ones can enjoy art-inspired activities, making it a perfect outing for all. 
Don't miss the chance to explore the lavish Baroque Octagon Room, as entry to the galleries is entirely free.  
Additionally, the stunning Grade 1 listed building can be booked for your dream wedding or special event, adding an extra touch of elegance to your occasion. 

Eel Pie Island 

Embark on a delightful boat trip to Eel Pie Island Museum in Twickenham, an extraordinary journey that blends history and natural beauty. 
As you cruise along the tranquil River Thames, you'll approach the iconic Eel Pie Island, known for its fascinating musical heritage and vibrant artistic community. 
Step ashore and immerse yourself in the captivating exhibits at the museum, which showcase the island's colorful past, including its heyday as a renowned music venue in the 1960s. Enjoy the unique charm of Eel Pie Island.  

Taking a Turk Launches Boat Trip from Kingston, Richmond and Hampton Court 

Turk Launches has been providing unforgettable river experiences since 1710. With a commitment to exceptional service and a passion for the River Thames, we offer a range of boat trips, private charters, and special events. Our knowledgeable crew is dedicated to ensuring your journey along the river is both enjoyable and informative. 
We look forward to welcoming you on board our boats as you explore Twickenham and the scenic wonders of the River Thames.  
Get ready to create lasting memories with Turk Launches! 

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