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Boat Trips to Teddington 

Teddington, located in the borough of Richmond upon Thames, is a charming town nestled on the banks of the River Thames. Turk Launches is delighted to offer boat trips along the river, allowing you to explore and discover the many attractions and delights of Teddington. 
Join us on board as we take you on a journey through this picturesque town filled with history, nature, and a vibrant local scene. 
Enjoy Riverside Beauty: 
Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the River Thames with our boat trips departing from Teddington. Cruise along the gentle waters, surrounded by breathtaking views of the river and its lush green surroundings. Relax on board as our expert captains guide you through the idyllic stretch of the Thames, sharing fascinating insights into the area's history and natural heritage. 

What to See and Do in Teddington 

Bushy Park 

Just a stone's throw away from Teddington lies the expansive and magnificent Bushy Park. This stunning Royal Park offers a tranquil escape with its wide open spaces, serene ponds, and ancient trees. Take a leisurely stroll or cycle through the park, encounter wildlife such as deer and birds, or simply find a peaceful spot to unwind and enjoy nature's beauty. 

Teddington Lock  

Teddington Lock is a significant landmark and a must-visit attraction in the town. Watch as boats navigate through the lock, observe the charming riverside cottages, or take a leisurely walk along the riverbank. The lock marks the tidal limit of the Thames, and its bustling atmosphere adds to the charm and character of the area. 

Local Attractions and Dining 

Teddington offers a range of local attractions to explore. Discover charming independent boutiques, browse through antique shops, and visit local art galleries. The town is known for its vibrant food scene, with a variety of cafés, restaurants, and pubs offering delicious cuisine and riverside views. Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely brunch, a gourmet dinner, or a relaxing riverside drink, Teddington has something to satisfy every taste. 

Kayaking or Canoeing from Teddington Lock 

If you're seeking an exciting and refreshing experience in Teddington, Surrey, look no further than kayaking and canoeing along the scenic Thames River. 
Head to Teddington Lock, where you can rent kayaks or canoes from local outfitters. 

Strawberry Hill House 

If you're in the mood for boat trips and looking to explore Gothic Revival Villas, your favorite activity in Teddington might just be a visit to Strawberry Hill House. 
This stately home, located in the area, offers a mesmerizing sight with its whitewashed walls adorned in magical mosaics and showcasing splendid Gothic architecture, a generous display of Horace Walpole's collection and visit the delightful café while you're there. 

Taking a Turk Launches Boat Trip from Richmond upon Thames, Kingston or Hampton Court 

Turk Launches has been a trusted provider of river experiences since 1710. With our commitment to exceptional service and a passion for the River Thames, we offer a range of boat trips, private charters, and special events. Our friendly and knowledgeable crew will ensure your journey along the river is both enjoyable and informative. 

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